stitch - An Overview

Stitch, motivated by Hawaiian terminology, refers to the other experiments as his "cousins" and considers all of them a Section of his ohana, or "extended family". All of Jumba's first 626 experiments have their names and quantities listed along with the credits in Leroy & Stitch.

A little light-weight yellow Chinese dragon/Monkey/Gecko-like creature with skinny arms, legs, and body, a rather twisted however pointed tail, a significant head with a large mouth, a spherical nose, darkish blue eyes and extensive antennae that will build crippling electric powered surges. His physique can grow to be an electrical current, so he can also fly or travel by outlets, electricity strains, and devices.

A eco-friendly mole/chimp-like experiment with 6 hairs on his head, a really compact body in addition to a stubby tail. He appeared in some Disney Adventures comics (the ones in which Jumba’s repairing Stitch).

Intended to try to eat up all crops in mere seconds. Earlier called "Gipper" for some explanation on this Web site, Although it's Gus while in the credits of Leroy and Stitch.

A purple anteater-like experiment having an elephant-like head by using a lengthy trunk along with a bellows to the back of his head, designed to immobilize any item by flying it similar to a kite. His just one accurate place is with Mrs. Hasagawa as amongst her "cats."

A tall blue Stamen-like experiment with little ears along with a orange cork shape on top of his head made to great the temperature one hundred levels, but Jumba manufactured a glitch and he can only help it become 10 levels colder.

A little yellow star-formed creature with just a little antenna on his head. Made to become a beacon to signal the alien attack fleet, nevertheless the Formal Disney Site states his purpose is to maintain people today awake together with his vibrant light-weight.

A tan gourd-shaped experiment with a considerable opening at the very best of his head. Created to pop popcorn. His a person accurate area is inside of a movie show. Was mentioned in "Angel" when Jumba mentioned "624 is harmless early experiment. Built to...pop popcorn for Jumba's movie night."

Designed to damage almost everything and sabotage cherished electrical equipment and when at risk he could even return to pod sort (by chance or which has a conscience in pod variety) before reactivating once more if it senses water close by.

This little click here to read icy blue-coloured koala-like creature without ears, smaller arms and legs, a skinny mouth, a considerable nose, darkish blue eyes and three icicles at the rear of his head. Intended to freeze land with his why not try here ice breath, generates ice, and also split aside into bits of ice and return to its unique form.

A quick-conversing, pink experiment with a resemblance to Jumba and Cannonball (520), but having a more compact deal with and two ebony-black eyes who wears a straw boater hat and bowtie, carries a cane, and functions as a salesperson who in no way turns down a purchaser. Designed to be able to market something to any person. Lilo employed him to have forward from the chocolate bar providing contest/fundraiser, but Mertle took him. When Lilo took him again, Mertle took him back once more.

Built to make the color the thing is modify from coloration to black and white, but failed because its results made you see in Discover More Here pink.

Clyde was termed this in his episode but it had been proclaimed within the Disney Web site that Clyde was a hundred and fifty. Designed to shoot rays out of his antennae.

Made to generate a horrible honking sound and make you converse inside a number of random noises like "beep ping ping boing".

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